Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Most Impressive Notebook Screen You've Ever Seen

At Display Week today, 3M and Nanosys showed ASUS notebook PCs with 15.6-inch, 4K, quantum-dot-enhanced screens with a gamut of 100% NTSC.  This is the first high-volume product using 3M's QDEF, and 3M sees the product's introduction as a milestone. The ASUS PC appeared in the Nanosys booth because Nanosys supplies the quantum dots that are used in the QDEF.

We are not used to seeing images like the ones the ASUS displays at such a short distance, and the effect is so striking it's hard to look away from it. This is a display that could easily sell the product of which it is a part, and it's a fine example of the remarkable ability of quantum dots to provide dramatic increases in a display's impact at a very small increase in cost. –-Ken Werner

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